Why Nampya Farmers Market?

Africa's agricultural sector has a significant social and economic impact. The percentage of smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa exceeds 60%, while agriculture accounts for approximately 23% of the region's GDP. But despite the apparent opportunity in the agricultural sector, its difficult for Africa to successfully participate in global supply chains due to supply chain and infrastructural limitations. As a result of the preponderance of small and medium-sized farmers, increasing productivity is essential for enhancing economic conditions in African nations. To that end, Nampya Farmers Market seeks to transform farming practices in the region by developing critical, technical and physical infrastructure to enhance efficiency in the agricultural food vale chain. Currently in Uganda, Nampya Farmers Market is bridging gaps in food security through an organized digital platform for an efficient, transparent and formal agri-food marketplace that enables the centralized purchase of large amounts of food for redistribution in the country. Our structure creates a reliable and fair marketplace for informal distributors, relief food donors and low-income agricultural producers, paving the way for improved equity, efficiency and transparency in the Ugandan agri-food market. The call for Nampya Farmers Market is to shorten the food supply chain, democratize the agricultural value chain process and take out all the intermediaries who are dishonest, so expensive and heartless so the food goes to where it’s needed and be paid for every day. With our tech-enabled way of streamlining the food supply chain, enabling women to develop their farms beyond subsistence and earn income from a male-dominated industry, the way of Nampya Farmers Market is pointing at: 1. Opportunity - Unlocking the potential of rural tenant farmers to be part of the globalization and commercialization of the food system, 2. Mobility - Creating smarter and more productive movement of food, 3. Sustainability – Letting the growing population to live in balance with our planet. Our dream is to operate an end-to-end agricultural marketplace connecting African farmers and global industries to competitive markets, resources, data and each other. Yarning to provide a comprehensive one-stop resource leveraging proprietary cultivation protocols for crop production, enabling smallholder and commercial farmers to cultivate commodities that conform to global market specifications, thereby ensuring post-harvest offtake, we work to help sustain the food value chain while staying true to our purpose of creating lasting profits to farmers everywhere. Our goal is to bring equilibrium between the the population and Food Security while envisioning a fair and profitable food system that's needed for everyone's future.



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