Why Choose Us

These are just some of the benefits we offer our clients


Fair and better prices for farmers, retail food vendors and relief food donors are a matter of course for us.


Goods are safe - everything can be traced back from where it arrived


Food quality is improved through reliable, coordinated and faster logistics processes and our high standards.


We work in trust and partnership with farmers, retail food vendors, and relief food donors to create a sustainable ecosystem.


We reliably ensure a constant supply of high-quality and fresh products and thereby mitigating post-harvest losses


The efficiency of our digital service allows not only better prices but also convenient and fast delivery to the doorstep.

Meet our Team

We are sure that economic growth is only possible through a sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders. Through fair prices and trustful cooperation, we will improve the existing conditions for Ugandans.

Until today, women in Sub-Saharan Africa are disadvantaged. By actively involving women as farmers and vendors, and by renting farmland and providing high-quality agricultural products, we aim to contribute to gender equality.

We provide our donors with a trustworthy and transparent environment so that we can move closer to a world without hunger. Together, we aim to provide food for more than 100,000 people by 2030

Our fair prices help improve the financial livelihoods of our smallholder farmers. In the long term, we want to increase their daily income from $1 to $4. So we bring back the farmers to center of food equation